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Prime of Life Insurance in Lakewood, OH and Cuyahoga County

There’s plenty to enjoy in life past the age of 45, but you also have a lot that you need to keep protected. For qualified customers, A Prime of Life Insurance plan can provide savings on your essential home and auto insurance policies as well as expanding the scope of the benefits you receive under those plans.

Do I Qualify for a Prime of Life Plan?

If you hold both your auto and home insurance policies with a single carrier and are over the age of 45, chances are you automatically qualify for Prime of Life. Your additional plan perks may grow to include -

Extended Auto coverages in discounts and additional services:

  • Locksmith
  • Emergency travel expense
  • Pet
  • GPS and Cell phone

Extended Home coverages in discounts and additional services:

  • Computer and personal records
  • False alarm coverage
  • Fire extinguisher

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