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Condo Insurance in Lakewood, OH and Cuyahoga County

Condos can be a smart alternative to renting and can even be better than owning a home for those who don’t like to mow lawns or shovel snow. And just like homes and condos require different amounts of maintenance and financial commitment, they also require different types of insurance.

Condo associations often have insurance policies in place that cover the building, common areas, and liability for the association as a whole. However, these policies usually do not protect your personal property or cover you in cases of damage to the interior of your condo. They also do not provide you with liability coverage for any injuries a person might sustain within your residence.

Your Condo Association Agreement

At Tighes’ Insurance Agency, Inc., our agents understand the coverage needs of condo owners. Our familiarity with condo insurance policies means that we can take a look at your association agreement and find out what you already have, then advise you on what kind of plan you need to fill in the gaps. Contact us or request a quote today for more information.